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Join the comprehensive mentoring community for Physicians building Legacy Wealth while generating income today to help them practice medicine on their own terms. 

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Are you tired of putting your wealth building plans on hold because you are busy working for someone else???

Are you ready to build a portfolio that serves you financially today, while giving you the satisfaction that you're creating legacy wealth

Would you like a framework to get started, OR the accountability and support to break through your limits as you grow your real estate portfolio? 


Join us in the premier school for physicians looking to build real wealth with real estate

Dr. Ruth Odoi

Before, I didn’t know anything about real estate and I was quite intimidated by it.

After joining Chiagozie’s coaching group, I have bought 2 properties deals ( one str and one primary residence) all below or asking price with instant equity! I also have a cash flowing arbitrage unit. I also started a business helping others start their own short term arbitrage units.
I highly recommend her coaching program to anyone looking to start investing in real estate.

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Learn to



Fix Up

& Profit

from Short, Mid or Long Term Rentals

 Get All The Tools You Need To Build A  Real Estate Portfolio that serves your LIFE


Whether you're FASCINATED by Short Term Rentals and their wealth amplifying abilities,

COMFORTED by Long term rentals and their time-tested steady characteristics,

Lit up by  Renovating homes to fire up your equity building,

or if you feel like a Creative Financing ninja, 

We've got you covered.

When you need to build a thriving portfolio that can give you the finances for life's options, THIS is where you want to be.

Dr. Jennifer Atkins

When I first began working with Chiagozie I knew right away that her program was golden. The step by step and one on one help was what I needed to build my confidence. So many of the physician groups doing real estate cater to docs who are making 500K or better and what they are doing to build wealth was simply unattainable for a Pediatrician like me. With that being said, we have access to so much knowledge about techniques as well as financing products that I didn’t even know existed, I now know that that million dollar real estate investment is absolutely within my reach. I’ve never even once considered that I could be one of those people retiring early and getting a chance to finally enjoy my family while me and my babies are still young but that will absolutely be my reality sooner rather than later.

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Imagine One Year From Now

  • You've purchased a dream vacation home that also doubles as a cash-cow rental.
  • You get away with family more because you now have a 3 day weekend EVERY WEEKEND because you cut back your hours at work
  • You pay your child's tuition from equity from one of the rentals you bought. 
  • Colleagues are asking when next you're buying a property because they want to invest with you!

These are not only possible... they are probable when you apply what you'll learn in our community

Dr. Obi

Working with Chiagozie has been one of the best decisions I’ve made since I started learning about real estate. She is a great mentor, always available and ready to help you overcome any roadblocks you encounter while working on a deal. She is truly determined to see you succeed and keeps you accountable. I took the short term rental accelerator program with Chiagozie in the fall and I am currently under contract with our first STR property, with the second property in the works. I am grateful and highly recommend her.

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Territory Mastermind was designed for you if...

  • You've discarded the lie that Physicians don't make good investors
  • You know that once given a framework, a community, and guidance, you can add the sweet sauce called "YOU", and create something magical. 
  • You learn and take action, and understand that learning in this context is not for degrees but for DOLLARS.
  • You are focused and determined, but are not afraid to pivot as markets move like markets do. 
  • You like the song BABY SHARK

... (okay, just kidding on that last one ... LOL) 

As a member of Territory Mastermind you get  9 months of access to:

SavvyDoc Course Library

(Value $25,000)

You get access to a robust library of courses to help you learn about different niches and dealmaking skills. 

You'll learn to: 



Fix up and 

Operate profitable Rentals

without jumping from one place to another

Weekly Group Coaching

(Value $35,000)

You don't have to go it alone. Get mentorship and support you as you implement what you've learned, so your new knowledge rings the cash register in your wallet.

Learn from colleagues and bring your deals. 

And if the OR runs late... or that last patient had to share one more issue... we've got recordings! 

Private Online Community

(Value $7,000)

In our private online community you can celebrate wins, get support from colleagues and friends.

You get to ask questions in a safe space, where you know the quality of answers offered 

Eligibility to Attend Retreats

(Value $3,000)

From Quarterly Virtual planning retreats, to in person events, Territory Mastermind members get unique access to life-changing Real Estate training events. Some events are included in the membership, while others would require additional fees.

Access to our Network

(Value: Priceless)

They say it's who you know that opens doors... but sometimes it's really who your contact knows! 

 We have contacts and vendors to help you through your investment journey, to save you time and energy as you start and scale.


Total Value: $67,000

You're not going to pay that. But really, If all this did was help you get ONE profitable deal that churned out cashflow EVERY MONTH for the next 10 years, what would it be worth?

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What Our Clients have experienced

Hear these doctors share about the growth they've experienced working with us.

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